Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavy Gear - DP9 at CanGames 2011

Another May 2-4, another CanGames attended! What seems to have become an annual spring rite for me as come and gone too quickly. I've never been much of a tournament player over my hobby life, but the Heavy Gear Blitz Canadian Championship has become an event not to be missed by me. It's great to come to Ottawa in the spring, as the snow has finally receded and the first spell of warm weather brings Canada's capital back to life. People come from far and wide to play in this tournament (many an American travelled from all over the Northeast) , and it's great to be able to share that obsession for giant robot combat with like-minded individuals. Another great thing about this tournament is the general atmosphere: Ottawa has a much slower pace than where I come from (Toronto) and I think it influences the nature of gaming; there are no high-pressure situations with players trying to bend this and that rule to their advantage, just good-natured gamers that want to get in a few competitive games of Heavy Gear Blitz and maybe win something while doing it. You also see every type of army being fielded at this event, which not only looks great on the table, but speaks volumes of the balance of Heavy Gear Blitz. While I brought my traditional Northern Guard force, there were everything from Badlander mercenary companies consisting of a hodgepodge of Terran Novan designs, to Strider-heavy Humanist Alliances forces and uber-elite Black Talon teams, and everything in between! Here's just some of the pictures I was able to take of the action while I wasn't involved in my own games.

How I fared in the tournament and a report on each of my rounds are soon to follow. And no. BeerMonkey, I will not edit out my losses ;)

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  1. Awesome, Makes me wish i wasn't living at the opposite end of the planet.