Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Heavy Gear - CanGames Battles 1 & 2

My first draw was against DP9 Forumite CADMonkey. He had a Southern force that consisted of: his Army Commander in a standard Naga; a Recon Cadre, and; at Tank Cadre with 2 Huns and a Visigoth; not a lot of models, but a very elite force. My objectives were to kill his army commander and scout the associated objectives on the table. Pretty standard fare, except for the playing conditions that had been thrown in: in this round, all tables were considered to be under darkness and had an EM storm going on at the same time. This meant that the enemy was both harder to Detect and every time a Comm Event was initiated, you had to beat the storm to achieve it. I had never faced off against Southern armour before this game, and what I learned from the battle is that they are points well spent. His Visigoth started off the game by getting a Combat Lock on my Weasel on his first activation, and promptly wiped him off the face of Terra Nova! Rounds of Medium Artillery Strikes were also no deterrent for them either, barely taking off the Sturdy Boxes off the Huns. After the dust had settled I lost my first match of the Tournament by the narrow margin of 2-1 VP in CADMonkey's favour. Here are some pics I took in my battle against him:

Elements of my Recon Squad Advance while CADMonkey's Huns ready their fire.

A full shot showing both CADMonkey's and my forces:.

My White Cat hides behind a building while Forward Observing one of two Objectives on the table, while my Bobcat tries to draw a bead on CADMonkey's Naga.

My Fire Support presses forward to both Forward Observe an Objective while attempting to take the battle to CADMonkey's Visigoth.

CADMonkey's Huns take the fight to me, and attempt to take out my my remaining recon Gears.

My second draw was against DP9 Forumite Robock. He brought a Badlander force that consisted of: an Infantry Platoon, half being in ORVs; a Sniper Squad with a well placed Recon Drone; a unit of Northern Gears that included Assault Jaguars, and; a unit of Southern Gears, all equipped with Light Bazookas. My objectives were to make sure my Army Commander and his squad remained alive and hold the assigned objectives on the table. Luckily there were no table effects for this round. Things started off much better for me this draw: my Field Gun landed a sweet shot the first round, Overkilling one of his Assault Cheetahs and damaging a Jager. My Bobcats and other Recon Gears quickly swept forward to trade shots and destroy elements of his Recon Platoon. The rest of my force either huddled near the objective to keep it safely in my control, or flanked Robock's forces to get some shots in with their medium bazookas. As time ran out, I was now all square, winning this round 4-0 VPs in my favour. Here's some pictures I took from my second match:

Here is the battlefield from my perspective during mid deployment.

My Fire Support Squad takes cover and hunkers down to hold the objective.

My force keeps cover between them and Robock's forces and takes fire, but shrugs off the damage.

My Recon Squad advances along my left flank and engages elements of Robock's Gear squads.

My Bobcat fires on Robocks infantry squads while his Gears adavance behind the cover of buildings.

My Recon Squad are about to be bombarded by and Medium Artillery Strike.

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