Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heavy Gear - Crossbow Grizzly

I love my Fire Support Squad; it was one of the first things I ever purchased for Heavy Gear Blitz and I've used it in probably 75% of all my games. And I love me some Grizzlies; they look so awesome with slinging their HACs and MRPs. But I'm not really a fan of HGMs; sure they cause stun and have AE, but really that's just a consolation for not destroying your target. Add in the -1 Accuracy and the fact that you should keep your Grizzly constantly on the move to avoid it being wrecked, and it really adds up to not being the most effective weapon out there. And that's the reason that my Fire Support Squad never gets updated to Veteran status. Well, I thought I would do something about it. I now have my Crossbow Grizzly. For a -15 TV "upgrade" you get 4 ATMs. That may not seem like much, but I always think that a unit pays for itself once it's destroyed more TV than what it's worth. And for those high value targets, ATMs are just what the general ordered. Combine it with Recon elements FOing with a TD, and the ATMs + 1 Accuracy, and Kaboom to most things this side of a main battle tank! So may I present to you, my Crossbow Grizzly in all it's glory: