Thursday, July 7, 2011

Infinity - Combat Haqqer!!!!

Well, if you can't tell by the title of this entry, I've decided to start an Infinity force, specifically Haqqislam. I really liked the background for them (a general enlightenment period for Islam as a whole, and a shift away from fundamentalism towards humanism), and of course they have one of the coolest miniatures out there, the 6-legged beetlemecha otherwise known as the Maghariba Guard!

But I didn't want to jump in head first and butcher what otherwise looks like a real treat to paint in the Maghariba, so I started small with a humble Ghulam hacker. I think it might be the old-school cyberpunk in me that totally loves the idea of computer combat that wanted to get him painted up. I have yet to play the game, but it looks like out of all the Human Sphere line troops that can be hackers (Fusiliers, Zhanshi, and Alguaciles), the Ghulam (with their 14 WIP) have the best capacity to succeed at Hacking. So here we are, the first mini I what I know will be an excellent game: