Monday, April 26, 2010

Heavy Gear - Bombs over, Barrington (Basin)!

In a past post I had compared the cost of taking two Field Guns (FG) versus a Long Fang Naga, and how the difference in 10 TV was not a justification to cheap out on the strider. This is all well and good if you are a Southern player. However, this train of thought does not apply to us Northern players though. Here I've painted up two FG for my force:

Not the most exciting elements I've added to the battlefield, but they do have their uses. Here are a couple of reasons I think they should be included in a Northern Force:
  1. Cheap: For a mere 35 TV, you're getting a weapon ( x22 damage) that can take out larger Gears, Striders and Light Tanks with ease! Not to mention it has an AE perk so that even if you don't damage them, you still have the ability to Stun them.
  2. Spam Attacks: One of the most simple combined actions in Heavy Gear is the Standy-by for Coordinates (SBC) and Forward Observation (FO). By having your FG activate first and spend it's action of SBC, you know have the ability to attack any enemy unit FOed with impunity. Combine this with an Infantry Platoon using it's actions to play spotter, and you will force your opponent to spend actions on ECM to either block the FO, or risk suffering significant damage.

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