Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heavy Gear - Tigers, Sabretooths, Oh My!

I've been working like crazy to finish off my force for the upcoming Heavy Gear tournament at CanGames and finalizling my force compositon. Both of these Gears will be in my GP Squad, where I will make use of both the Northern Guard multi-force army build rules and the Post-1940 upgrades. WIth these, I hope to give my GP Squad a bit more punch, and to make it feel like aStrike Squad lite. May I present to you:

So why have I decided to take these old workhorses in my army? Here's a couple of points I have in favour of them (thanks to DP9 forumite IceRaptor for his previous research and being a UMFA fan):
  1. Tiger: The Tiger adds some much needed swagger to a GP Squad. For +20 TV upgrade on a Hunter, you get a Gear with 2 points of armour, 1 point of detect 1 point of Auto Comm, and a +1 ATK modfier at the cost of a Sturdy Box. Though it has the same DEF mod as a Hunter, the Tiger should not be used to sit back. It's MRP, in addtion to the MBZK I've added to it, screams "assault," and the Gear should be used accordingly, softening up enemies and taking objectives while being supported by friendly fire
  2. Sabretooth: I've added a Sabretooth to my army for a number of reasons. For a +20 TV upgrade to a Headhunter, I've got a much more group leader-friendly machine. It has the same stats as the Tiger above, but retains the Study Box and adds +1 Comm and ECCM:2. The ECCM is key to it usefulness both generally and specifically in my force. My force in particular is light on EW specific Gears (IMO a Gear can jam my actions when it's been destroyed by heavy weaponry) and this adds the ability for my army commander to throw a wrench in my openents plan when they try and EW action against me.
Well, I'm off to CanGames for the weekend, and I hopefully will have some pictures for you from it along with a write up or two of how my force fared.


  1. They look great. Clean and solid!

  2. I second that. I love the way the bold contrasts and the strong blacklining make the colors really pop. Have you really a whole army like this?

  3. Thanks guys!

    I really do have a whole army that looks like this. I throw in a photo of the force that I took to CanGames to show you what it looked like.

  4. Lovely miniatures! Where does the head for the Sabretooth come from?