Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons - Eat Sunlight, Vile Undead!

After a long hiatus, my gaming buddies and I are getting back into a D&D campaign. The difference this time being that I'm moving from behind the DM's screen into the players seat. And what better way to make this transfer than painting up my own individual mini for my PC!

My character is a paladin (side note: I started playing D&D back in the days of 2E, when such classes as the paladin and bard were virtually unatainable due to random attribute generation, so I'm taking this opportunity to play one) and I've chosen Reaper's Dark Haven miniature 03010 Silas, Male Cleric to represent him. Here he is painted up:

I like this figure a lot, because while he may seem static, I feel there is a lot of character sculpted into him: the many pouches would indicate he's well-versed in adventuring, and his hands on his hips ooze self-confidence. I'll probably give him a much more paladin-sounding throwback name, such as "Thaco the Thoughtful" and have him shout such prose as mentioned in the title of this entry, since D&D is after all heroic fantasy and paladins would be expected to shout such before charging head-first into his enemies!

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  1. It's a pretty nice mini you have there. Really nice paint job! :)