Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heavy Gear - I Cheetah...

"I Cheetah all the time!"

For those not averse to Canadian pop culture, that quote comes from a rather atrocious energy drink commercial in which disgraced Canadian olympian Ben Johnson flushes the remainder of any self-respect down the toilet while professing his love for said energy drink to brand owner, wannabe badboy and all-round slime ball Frank D'Angelo. What does this have to do with Heavy Gear? Absolutely nothing, but I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for clever play on words, so I'll invariably drop a dud or two. Anyways, here are the two Cheetahs I've been working one. The left is everybody's favourite White Cat version, and the right is a vanilla one.


  1. Gorgeous painting! Your gears really do look excellent!

  2. Excellent work!! You know, you should start the 'I Cheetah all the time!' craze on TN and try to rival the 'Weird but Tasty' franchise!!

  3. Hey there, Greetings from New Zealand. Excellent looking gears. I'm just about to get into heavy Gear blitz and your miniatures are great inspiration.