Monday, August 16, 2010

Heavy Gear - Free Loot Painted Up Pt. 2

It's felt like forever since I've posted on my blog (and I think it has with so much vacation time being taken this summer. I was in Boston for a week!). So here's the second bunch of Gears I won back at CanGames all painted up, the Weasel 2-Pack:

Despite is goofy look, this is one Gear you need if you play a Northern force. Hell, if you play a Leagueless force, you need it too! As I've mentioned in the past, the North is an army of specialists, and the Weasel specializes in EW capabilities. As a "downgrade" to the Cheetah via the Ferret in a Recon Squad, their greater Detect ability means you can Active Lock any target without really requiring a roll-off, and their great ECM 4 and ECCM 4 perks mean you will not find a Gear more useful in denying an enemies actions or protecting your own. Put them out of the way and they can keep your CP pool in working order as well with their Sat Uplink perk as well. Until next time, where I return to my roots in tabletop wargaming to paint something I've had stowed away in my hobby chest for years!


  1. I love the Weasel as a model. Very cool, very painter friendly. These look awesome. Keep it up!

  2. Yeah, same here! At first I didn't really like the weasel, but when getting my hands on it and painting it I fell in love.

    Great looking as always!