Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok - Exorcist Old vs. New

Hi All! With the holiday season upon us (and my Wii currently distracting me from painting minis) my blog posts have appeared to have dried up. Fear not, for I'm still be hard at work painting minis for my various tabletop games.

Previously, I had hit on the issue of Rackham taking the plunge of going to all pre-painted plastic (PPP) and my thoughts upon it. While this move has courted controversy, Rackham has still allowed the use of their old line of metal Confrontation minis. This is great for me because: I think that some of the metal sclupts are better than their current ones, and; they're being sold at a great discount to get rid of the remainder.

Recently at my FLGS I was came across the old Executionor (now known as the Exocrist in the current verison of the game) mini for the Army of the Griffin. This is one of my favourite minis ever sculpted, regardless of game line, and it captures the Pat Bonner art on the front of the CaoR rulebook so well. Here I have painted him below:

Now I know that I'm not going to ever win a Golden Demon with my skills, but compare hime to the new sculpt of the Exorcist in the Praetorian Guard attachment box:

I'd say the former will be much better at bringing the true light to the enemies of the Igneous God, as opposed to the latter, who seems to be in the middle of story time at an Akkyannian orphanage!

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