Friday, November 27, 2009

Heavy Gear - My CNCS Forces, Part 2

The second unit I have completed for my CNCS forces is a Fire Support (FS) Squad. I've built it to match the armaments displayed on the box that it came in, so it has two Grizlzlies, two Hunters and a Jaguar squad leader.

Like my previous post, I've tagged the picture above so that I can say a few words on each of the Gears in my FS squad.
  1. Grizzly: This model is the main modern fire support Gear of the Northern forces. It comes with a plethora of weapons to deal with any foe at any range. It's Heavy Guided Mortar (HGM) and Medium Rocket Packs (MRP) are both excellent Indirect Fire (IF) weapons, but each have different roles to play. HGM have a superior range, are Guided weapons (which mean they can benefit from the increased accuracy of FO units using a Target Designator), and an Area Effect (AE) 2, meaning all targets within 2" of the mortar target must Defend against the attack. The HGM is great for softening up targets whil your allied units close in. MRPs on Grizzlies have the ability to be linked, which in game terms means you have roll one Attack attempt and the target has to Defend against it twice. Couple this with the MRP having a Rate of Fire (ROF) 3, it can be used to either increase the damage multiplier or walk the fire over multiple targets, creating a greater area effect saturation than the HGM.

  2. Hunter: Hunters are Hunters, 'nuff said! However, the Hunter on the left has been equipped with a Medium Bazooka (MBZK). MBZKs are the anti-armour staple of Northern Gears. MBZKs have great range and their damage multiplier is high enough that Spitting Cobras and King Cobras should be very worried when taking a hit from one of these!

  3. Jaguar: The Jaguar is your elite trooper Gear, and this is the first I've included in my forces so far. Compared to a Hunter, they have faster movement, a greater defence modifier in both movement modes, and better Comms and Sensors compared to the Headhunter. All of this adds up to a sweet machine that will improve an army commanders survivability considerably!

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