Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heavy Gear - CanGames Battle 1

For the CanGames tournament, all players were required to play two 2-hour games against opponents assinged by the organizers. Each side was given two objectives to complete, which were worth 2 VP each if they were held uncontested.

For my first battle, I was paired up with DP9 forumite Riker2800. Riker2800 fielded his finely painted CEF force, which consisted of 2 LHT-71s, 2 HC-3s, and an Interdiction Frame Squad (which included his army commander). In the following picture you can see how we had initially set up our forces.

I've made a few observations in bullet points below, as oppsed to a turn-by-turn battle report, since there was little time to take photos, let alone write it all down. I think they'll highlight what went on during the battle, and help potential commanders chose their forces in the future.

1. Grizzlies Die Quickly: Before I had even had a chance to take my turn, one of my Grizzlies was overkilled by Riker2800’s army commander using an SLC. This occurred even while my Grizzly was at secondary movement combat speed to keep the negative defence modifiers down. I would learn quickly throughout the day that these Gears should be kept out of the thickest fighting with plenty of cover between them and the enemy.
2. Field Guns Rule: For a mere 35 points, this artillery piece, in conjunction with my infantry squads FO, managed to take out two Frames (including his army commander) by the end of turn 1, and the rest of the Interdiction Squad and an additional HC-3 before the battle was through. A perfect example of why victory in this game is not all about the mecha, but through the use of combined arms.
Below is a picture of such combined arms in action. The Infantry squad to the far left had FO for the Field Gun, which had spent it's action on "Stand-by for Coordinates." A successful roll of the dice and half of Riker2800's Frame squad is no more!

3. Demo Drones are Deadly: Riker2800 had advanced his LHT-71s up his right flank. Only a single squad of infantry stood between him breaking through my lines and advancing on my rear flank. However, for a +5 TV upgrade, my infantry managed to get themselves in position to take out his two LHT-71s with their demo drone. Big things come in small packages indeed, and combined with the LHT-71’s Weak Facing (underside) flaw, proved to surprisingly deadly to his assault.

Here's a picture I took of the roll I got for attacking the LHT-71 with my demo drone...a natural six, nice!

My Field Gun readies to rain down another round on the CEF Frames after my Hunter on the left flank FOs for it.

And finally, we have a picture after all the dust had settled. I had completely destroyed his forces and won full VPs in the process.

My force can no go back to the hanger and readly themselves for it's second challenge...


  1. Incredible! You blew away a whole army with some of the models one sees the least in most lists submitted on the forum. Also, it looks like terrain didn't really favour you, as you side of the board was mostly in the open.
    Can't wait to hear more about how the rest of the tournament went. I hope I'll be able to make it there next year.

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