Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Warhammer 40,000 - My Beginnings and Succumbing to Chaos

The first real "tabletop" miniature game I got into was Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K). For those that don't know, WH40K is one of two games (WH40K being the sci-fi version of the original Warhammer fantasy game) published by Games Workshop, said company being the grandaddy of the modern tabletop gaming hobby.

As a young teenager in the mid-90's, I can remember heading down to the local gaming store (which my wife presently refers to as the "nerd store" and which I now term it as well) to pick up the latest Dragon or Dungeon magazine and watch the regulars for hours as they battled over a felt-draped table decorated with stryofoam hills and model trees. This was in the heyday of 2nd edition, so all sorts of craziness would occur, with multiple templates placed and cards played (and that was just the psychic phase). I had begun to save up allowances, birthday cash and odd job income and picked up the boxed set, which was the beginning of my Blood Angels. After getting a job a year later, 3rd edition had come out, and the Blood Angels grew. Soon enough, my Terminator Chaplain with twin lightning claws and Death Company retinue were bringing death to any one who asked. However, the taint of chaos soon overcame them, and it led them down the path to the worship of the ruinous powers. From this point on I became a chaos marine player.

As I got older however, I was more interested in girls and sports and cast aside miniature wargaming. It would not be for another ten years that I would get back into the hobby, the taint of chaos never leaving...

For those not familiar, Chaos Marines are those space marines that turned their backs on the God-Emperor of Mankind 10,000 years ago an waged a galactic civil war that to this day still burns on. This event, the Horus Heresy, is pretty much the most important event in the background fluss of WH40K. Gamewise, Chaos Marines are very similar to their loyalist bretheren, but have greater cutomization due to the fact that they've learned a thing or two about warfare in the 10,000 years they've been around. The chaos god Tzeentch figures prominently in the army, as I've always been a fan of the Thousand Sons and the back story of the Lord of Change.

This is the first Troop unit for my Chaos Marines: a unit of Thousands Sons. These marines are the autonomous shells of the fallen legion, cursed when Ahriman sent them through the Warp to escape Prospero. Gamewise, they are basic Chaos Marines, but have an invulnerable save, fire off inferno bolts (which have a greater punch then regular bolter rounds), and are led by a Thousand Sons sorcerer.

This is the next unit of Troops for my army: your standard Chaos Marines. I've given them anIcon of Tzeentch to have an invulnerable save similar to the Thousand Sons, and have equipped them with two plasma guns. Being able to take a hit, fire on the move and rapid fire all their weapons, with 4 hits being able to pierce even terminator armour, this makes them great anti-troop specialists.

This is my first Elite unit: a Chaos Dreadnaught. Dreadnaughts are very similar to their loyalist counterpart, having the broken body of a marine entombed deep within its core. However, while the Emperor's marines believe such a fate to be an honour, chaos marines believe to be a curse, and those that suffer this fate have been driven insane. Gamewise, this means they occasionally go crazy and attack the nearest unit, whether friend or foe!

Last we have my HQ unit: a Chaos Sorcerer. Chaos Sorcerers are some of the most powerful psychics in the game, and by adding a Mark of Tzeentch to him, he become even stronger when wielding magic. He can have more than one psychic power, the Disk of Tzeentch makes him a great assault specialist, and he can bolster this assault with his plasma pistol and force weapon.

I have a few more units tucked away that I need to get to, and hopefully I'll have these up in the future!

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